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of Baidu product marketing website for a long time, know from the earliest Baidu, then Baidu Post Bar, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu library, Baidu experience. Baidu experience which I am using the highest pass rate of the highest one. Baidu experience is the essence of narrative in an industry where the user experience is quite high, easy to understand and simple advantages beyond the Baidu Wikipedia and Baidu know, but the drawback is that the ranking is very poor, only suitable for long term, the webmaster also understand that the flow quantity of the website is just up to the long tail (Hey! The heart of it, why not. Everybody hold on)

we all know that it is difficult to pass the Baidu encyclopedia, unless you edit the ability is particularly tough, if you hang a link is very large, but also get a good weight. Take a look at Baidu search and Google search Baidu encyclopedia ranking you clear, Google to the evaluation is also very high. We all understand that people’s search habits in the search after the keyword is the first look at the contents of the first page, if you do not want the information will not hesitate to point Baidu know. I believe we all have the same habit.

is now Baidu experience anchored in Baidu know inside, the exposure rate is greatly improved. Baidu experience flow is also imported from this aspect. When we search the relevant keywords (first Baidu encyclopedia, followed by Baidu know followed, and then is the Baidu Library), Baidu experience ranking is not particularly good, unless you give him with a chain. Compared with Baidu encyclopedia and Baidu know, Baidu experience is more flexible than Wikipedia easy to pass, the content is rich, concise, easy to understand, can read more than wikipedia. Compared with Baidu know, Baidu experience more perfect information, text, video and related reports, bid farewell to Baidu know a single full of sound and colour, one of the largest benefits that can add links, what it means? The webmaster all understand it.


Baidu experience with the help of some of the Baidu know a little, such as how to do, how, how the characteristics of these words, allowing users to easily click to help users solve the problem. For example, when we do know Baidu in search of some words to add how, how, how to do the long tail word first appeared is Baidu know. Due to Baidu’s shortcomings, can not solve the problem of users, Baidu experience was born.

hair cut a figure in a part of the experience for everyone to see the click rate, do not know if you can can see something in the red box in the title picture (not the click rate is high. #^_^#)


first talk about how to write Baidu experience and notes

1, title insert keywords

as long as the long tail of the word, Baidu experience does not know Baidu and Baidu encyclopedia ranking, so only choose the long tail word. Because it is to help users solve the problem, Baidu Baidu experience planning to the user experience inside the search >