first stage: cognitive

as a software engineering science and engineering students, on the practical significance of the Internet and digital products such as outstanding. Remember that big 4 will practice before, spend a lot of time to read books related to the Internet product "WEB", "information architecture for everyone is a product manager", removed the major information application "IT family" "everyone is a product manager", each generation of products before they may consult, learning various products specification and documentation… It is nothing, even said that some of the frenzied! It’s all worth it, the road is unknown, can do is to do as much as possible to. Forewarned is forearmed.


knowledge itself is of no value, knowing how to apply knowledge is the key. The biggest advantage of start-up companies is miscellaneous, you can fully contact with almost all the work of the enterprise content, you can fully contact each post, as well as a single work of all aspects. Although full contact can open up the caliber of personal work, but it will cause no good at the deadly trap. Do the self regulation, grasp the sense of proportion, otherwise it is difficult to say clearly between gains and losses. The concept and connotation of I really very lucky to have this opportunity to stand in the higher dimensions, with a broader perspective to understand the product manager, the practice of the whole life cycle of the study of product knowledge, to do a comprehensive test of actual combat. On the cognitive open the Internet products, product managers, product design, product processes, product strategy and the initial impression of the concept for the follow-up study to lay the framework for support.

second phase: learning

the first ignorant practice gradually deep implantation, work to drive I have to learn more knowledge and skills, make people feel more comfortable, more touching (myself).

1, basic skills

AXURE prototype design, Visio business processes, MindManager

analysis, Office powerful features

2, professional skills

competing product research, product planning, demand management, collaborative communication, data analysis, project management

3, business skills

business model analysis, business model thinking, product strategy planning, profit model

most of the knowledge and skills mentioned above are at a more basic level, but also need a more professional platform to regulate and correct. The idea is very clear, the future is also very clear, to do is to adhere to and work hard, and the most important thing is to grasp the direction. Driven by the needs of learning, more targeted and more practical, this is the best way to learn.

third phase: growth

this period of time is a very obvious feeling: the way to deal with problems and attitudes are gradually calm