appears to have become the darling of the market mogujie.com, perhaps because the transition too hasty, the whole process is still not perfect, even in the faint, there are some questions still in suspense has not been perfect answer, which is likely to become the shopping site whether the transformation of key factors to win the further development.


/ Yang Junjun for the "seller" magazine "

has been and Taobao has a cut and chaotic relationship between mogujie.com recently passed a $200 million financing has become the focus of attention of the industry, but before this, mogujie.com was once heard the news of the acquisition of ali. We performed regardless of "grass root counterattack" mogujie.com will be how to start to flex its muscles, only behind mogujie.com’s transformation, should still have a lot to external people suffering v..

Let us look to the

in August last year, when Taobao launched the most stringent ban policy history, provisions for the third party platform will not search in low drainage used to sort and display sales. Although the mogujie.com is not named, but always too late and the foresight of the mogujie.com pocket shopping, folding 800 platform a tusihubei after the talk, in September took the lead on the line has been completed the transformation of the proprietary platform.

strain is larger than

actually, like pocket shopping, folding 800 shopping guide website by Taobao for the bright younger generation policy, mogujie.com seems to be pale into insignificance by comparison. A few years ago, Ma is similar to the beautiful and for mogujie.com this platform publicly "Taobao external platform is in need of the forest, towering trees, rather than the" development and the later Taobao also has a series of policies to limit the beautiful and mogujie.com.

In fact,

and beautiful early from Taobao and Taobao play CPC (guest sellers charge per click), mogujie.com has been Taobao still follow the rules of the game, just in accordance with customer charges into Taobao. But Taobao through several rounds of regulation, mogujie.com suddenly found the original Shumenshulu operation mode by the curb, Taobao customers can no longer receive the Commission is no longer a dream, to realize this point mogujie.com began brewing transformation.

here is worth mentioning is that Taobao for out of rules and did not make a beautiful said that although the targeted measures, but a sudden warning, so that the original had a lucky heart to the beauty that moment froze. Beautiful said once a day, the day all jump to the Taobao product page is 404 error, while in the second day began to return to normal, but the beauty realized that if one day, the source said that Taobao blocked beautiful, everything is too late. So we see that the beauty of the proprietary platform on-line time is only 2 months later than mogujie.com.

The mogujie.com

, said the beautiful transformation, and it is not know ahead of the layout.