2009 03 month 08 days Google cannot access, probably in 2009 03 month 08 days around 17:50 in the afternoon, there are enthusiastic users to provide Google we cannot access, then the Symbian mobile phone network (cncn6.com) staff to open the Google.CN website, found it impossible to visit, and try to open the Google.Com also cannot visit. Our position is in Shandong Province, Zhangdian District of Zibo City, then in the QQ group also saw all the friends in the conversation, unable to access Google’s case.


then, the Google map, put some content in the website of the GG advertisement of Google open again, that are unable to display, access even in cooperation with Google also suffered a question and answer, can not access the phenomenon, do not know whether or not the same.

at the time of writing about 18:25, found that Google can normally access, there is no exact news, shows why Google appeared unable to access the reason for up to more than and 20 minutes from what.