met the leading capital markets both at home and abroad top experts, listen to the forefront, and the financing case most has the reputation and ability of investors deal, we invite you to

capital · network "into the world of Internet Innovation Project Investment Summit" and "Hangzhou station" Ali mother heroes

30 projects submitted directly to face to face with VCs;

50 investment institutions to visit the scene (angel funds, venture capital funds, investment banks……


500 furniture financing needs of the growth of the owners gathered in Hangzhou;

multi field to entrepreneurship, equity, angel, the Internet as the theme of the round table project docking;

to establish a variety of forms of capital and industry dialogue mechanisms (including keynote speech, the venue interaction, project selection, etc.);

not only of survival, and development! Let mom set up small and medium-sized site entrepreneurs and Vc firms zero distance communication platform! Mom in the small and medium-sized site with its unique charm has attracted worldwide attention of all capital, Ali mother, May 24th invites you to experience the power of capital.

activity time: May 24, 2008

Venue: Hangzhou Moganshan Road No. 188-200 Zhijiang Hotel

registration method: reply to this post indicate website, website name, email

and the web site, web site name, mailbox, responsible person, contact information, project profiles, etc. sent to the mailbox [email protected]

activity fee: once the application is confirmed, the participants will be free of charge, travel and accommodation will take care of themselves

venture invitation list:

official website:

ask yourself: how much value in the web site to do? Can get the favor and capital markets? How to obtain individual stationmaster risk investment? Venture in the attention of Internet project type is what? Don’t hesitate, rushed to the scene to sign up with Zitta together to find the answer!

note: four points in the agenda of the conference will be held after the end of Ali’s mother "Mom Hangzhou Adsense exchange meeting" at the scene, all look forward to you on the West Lake Longjing tea qingmeizhujiu together, asked: for the Internet to make way for


ask yourself: how much value do you have in the end of the site to get the favor of the market and capital? How to get individual owners of venture capital?