accounted for 1/3 of the world’s Internet market personal sites, are showing their value.

4 7, CEO Yahoo China zhouhongyi be fatigued with the journey to Xiamen to attend the first personal website, China up party, look at each month with his penny of personal website webmaster long what, perhaps, can also be the way to look for memories of their own personal website started from 7 years ago.

Zhou Honglai here to actually nostalgia is not just to satisfy their own so-called lyrical curiosity and hypocritical, he hope to meet more partners here, because the personal website is releasing a lot of energy. "All in all aspects of the industry chain in the play different roles, only through cooperation, we can learn from each other, to do bigger and stronger." Zhou Hong said.

come in Jinshan CEO Lei Jun is more modest meeting, he said he was with his spiritual pilgrimage to study here. Just last year from the outstanding net cash of $80 million Lei to 50 million yuan this year, the market cost of most used Internet promotion, and there has been flowing into the pockets of personal website.

this time gathered more than and 200 personal site webmaster meeting almost includes all the elite of the domestic Internet site. When the owners of these before sunset on tour, Kinmen cruise, a webmaster said: "if the ship sank, the China Internet industry will be paralyzed."

In addition to the

website in high and vigorous spirits affected by "Internet rejuvenation" is more important, in the past 1 years continuous personal website successfully realized – starting point Chinese was acquired by Shanda, hao123 was acquired by Baidu, received IDG VC investment. The strength of the example is endless, these 3 events directly amplified the commercial value of the personal site, so that individual sites have also found their own strength.

personal website often has to identify its characteristics: most of the interest as the starting point instead of pursuing a business model; by a person or a few people, or even simply is a connected via the Internet all over the country’s "virtual team" of non company operation; there are few "returnees" participation, almost all the local people to create a "grassroots"; most are not investment, but most can feed themselves.

this is a seemingly small and fragmented, and even do not have much commercial atmosphere of the group, but it occupies 35% of the content of the Internet market, locked on the tens of millions, but there are tens of thousands of loyal users. When the environment is right, they are already thinking about their future.

gather parts into a whole

"as long as there is traffic, several major portals can do business model we can do." 35 year old Fujian businessman Cai Wensheng said. His personal website – 265.COM last year just got tens of millions of dollars in IDG investment. As the initiator of this "stationmaster Congress", "