they are a group of active media people in Foshan. By chance, since the media platform for them, sitting on one hundred thousand fans. This circle of people in the end where sacred, what is the senior chowhound, or network "trendsetter? They eat" and "Pianchipianhe," Why have delicacy shop owners obediently pay? Have felt very heart, want to become a member of them, our exclusive big bottom, look at them how to make money by selling advertising powder.

from the media Master mami……

gourmet people from the media as a part-time monthly benefit over 10000

has hung brother, think this person must be authentic "chowhound", because of his size compared with the second, please understand. 70 after David brother cheerful, love special delicacy. In Foshan, he operated a "Buddha Mountain delicacy delicacy tree" public number in the circle is very famous.


, hung is a clothing store owner, usually like to eat food and take photos everywhere. The rise in 2011 as micro-blog, he often beat themselves the delicacy photos contribute to some delicacy, micro-blog earn money.

, when the micro-blog update too slow, I think waiting too long, just want to register a micro-blog number, often made some snacks, food, did not expect to attract a lot of fans attention." Hung said, then there is the owner of the restaurant to take the initiative to find him, asking for advertising.

last summer, he will move to the micro-blog brother WeChat, a year up to more than 70 thousand fans, then some delicacy businesses also came to the door, asked to help promote, successfully achieve profitability.

now play from the media for him, is just a kind of entertainment and part-time, but the new media can bring five yuan per month extra income.

students rely on the media since the year earned 200 thousand

90 Jiang graduated from Foshan University, is a play from the media master, he third do micro-blog No. 3 month attracted 50 thousand fans, even at school there are enterprises to invest 800 thousand yuan.

then saw some recruitment information, you go to do their own "Foshan full time train" micro-blog, did not expect to attract so many fans, and then someone find my investment in the micro-blog." Qiang said that when he and the team set up the company, only 200 thousand yuan for the rental of the workplace, the purchase of equipment, etc..

voted 200 thousand yuan, the first year to earn all the back." Although Jiang refused to disclose the current annual earnings, but earn more than the first year of profit.

today, John and his team operates more than and 20 micro-blog and more than and 30 micro signal. He is currently looking for two main areas of work and food. In fact, many of the same type of public numbers in Foshan is his and his team in the operation.

in all his WeChat number, the most successful is the delicacy public number Foshan train, there are idle away in seeking pleasure ".