is the envy of many people to do the webmaster, actually do not know stationmaster is a matter of how dull as ditch water.

is now more than just personal websites, many of China’s Web site, can not imagine, and the ability to imitate a hao123 up, countless hao123 followed in the back of

if you just do not care, look back, he has left behind

up every day, the first thing is to open the computer, Baidu site look, and how much to see, to see their own station is still not in

most of the time, is the face of a computer in a daze, to try to think of something original, and now only rely on the locomotive is not enough

is a new station on the line, as if he were her own son, be careful to care, always check to see if you can open, remember reading about personal webmaster Xiamen Party Affair mumayi wrote an article, said when the party in individual stationmaster, they play cards together, Guo Jianjun caught in a golden time also, do not forget to let yourself next to refresh your stand, see if you can open, this is the personal webmaster