Abstract: This is the best of times and the worst of times. The real economy downturn, a large influx of capital into the Internet market, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, brutal reshuffle has begun.

The wind blew

in March 5th, in the three session of the twelve National People’s Congress, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "Internet plus in the government work report". "Make" Internet plus "action plan, to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and modern manufacturing industry combination, to promote e-commerce, the Internet industry and the healthy development of Internet banking, Internet guide enterprises to expand the international market."

December 16th, the second world Internet Conference opened in Wuzhen. Conference to interoperability, sharing common governance, to build a community of cyberspace destiny as the theme, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered an important speech.

from the beginning of the National People’s Congress "Internet plus" was formally put forward, by the end of the world Internet Conference, the first and last 2015 also confirms the fast development of the internet.

fighting competition

February 18th, between WeChat and Alipay "red war broke out". New year’s Eve, WeChat red receive a total of 1 billion 10 million times; QQ red transceiver total of 637 million times; 683 million people use the Alipay red.

in June 25th, China launched a series of offensives against the Uber car. The administrative micro-blog group released a theme of "BeatU, I am afraid of the dark car shelling Uber pictures. Unexpectedly, the copy of "child molester" written in the wrong "strange Shu Li", so that users know.

November 3rd, Jingdong group announced on WeChat has reported to the State Administration of industry and real name Ali disrupt the electricity supplier market order". In November 4th, Tmall responded that the market is speculation, but can not always stay in the hype, not to the pengci and fried tea as a career, in the afternoon, Suning put a lot of logistics vehicles in Jingdong downstairs, demonstrations.

November 5th, Suning launched three ad against Jingdong, "if the boss really strong, why should the headlines boss… Jingdong to show do not show a strong boss, ask your home Ma Lang" and other corresponding counter advertising.

November 11th, the electricity supplier war ushered in the peak, when the total turnover of 91 billion 217 million of the total number of cats every day, the total number of orders under the Jingdong more than a single single, Suning sales volume of orders within 1 hours on the morning of 12, an increase of 389%

cake, naturally competitive Internet industry, but It is quite common for everyone. As the most popular marketing tool, not only in line with everyone’s gossip psychology, but also earned enough attention, the most important thing is to save money!

love to

February 14th, fast and didi two taxi software company announced the merger, usher >