will not write a piece of the electricity supplier is not good sales.

with the mobile Internet penetration increasing, Chinese intelligent mobile phone users slowdown in growth, JP Morgan believes that structural changes in China driver of growth of Internet users, mobile traffic means to obtain the future cost will be increased significantly. With the end of the demographic dividend, competition between BAT and other Internet giants will be by the number (number of users) to the quality (user stickiness and participation) competition.


flow bonus period has gradually passed away, the flow of the battlefield has gradually shifted from the incremental access to the stock of contention, the content may be one of the entry points.

yesterday, people from the media, Lu Zhenwang said on micro-blog, the Jingdong will launched a similar to today’s headlines from the media platform "Jingdong", he also said he will serve as the first stationed in people from the media since the media will participate in the activities of Jingdong held in Qinghai.


in addition to the WeChat public, today’s headlines and two traffic entrance, content platform is introduced: ifeng.com feudal lords vying for the throne of Phoenix, Sohu Sohu launched the public platform, Ali UC launched UC Cloud View from the media platform, launched in 360, the media, Beijing time…… Recently, Baidu’s Baidu hundred also announced that it will fully open registration in September 28th. It was reported that 36 krypton, a new version of Alipay after the revision, the future will invite the media and from the media presence, push home life.

however, the electricity supplier is so obvious that the property is also a plug Jingdong, what is the intention?

for the Jingdong from the media platform, users also have a lot of doubts, some people think that the Jingdong into the office too late, since the media content publishing and shopping too big difference; some people think that unless the content location from the media have a difference, or prospects.

Lu Zhenwang think:

if the positioning of pure science and technology from the media, it should still play


and deputy general manager Liang Shuxin said:

Jingdong no content and media genes. Can do it, it is pure fantasy.

is said that Jingdong as early as May has been put on the agenda of this program, with the gradual change in the internal personnel changes, the plan is expected to start in the near future. In fact, this plan seems to be in April this year, the annual strategic plan proposed by Jingdong can pry one or two.

at that time, Hu Shengli, President of Jingdong 3C division on the proposed Jingdong’s new annual strategy is: Jingdong from brand retailers, and gradually transition to brand service providers". That is to say will be through the new line of Jingdong 3C integrated marketing platform — 3C channel, open mobile phone, IT, digital three categories; at the same time, Jingdong will build 3C community, integration of resources, brand, content, provide a > for consumers