evaluation of the 371 main attack

      today (October 25th) morning, open the 371 station, the original beautiful home has all gone out, the eye is such a text:

      371 all staff, ha ha, I do not destroy your site! I don’t change anything! Be careful yourself! That is called 371 Sha Sha (SHA) you scold Lao Zi metamorphosis! You scold that sentence, I decided to invade you, you think I’m crazy, I’ll do a madman to see you! Don’t you hate the mouth to challenge Lao Tzu technology! Leave a QQ convenient for you to find me! QQ 4719662. Large companies miscellaneous (Zha), I like the invasion, white (100) degrees, NetEase and the like, which big companies have a server in my hands! Don’t be in (again) to challenge the technology of Lao Tzu, the next time (in) scold Lao Tze, (to you) devastating blow! I am a civilized society, in order to Chinese, I "to" education you this (some) no quality of the people! The webmaster, in this apology, I hope this can give you a lesson. Not everyone can offend, you can call crazy, abnormal. To forget to tell your company: all of your information on my hand (including your company’s own web server). Rest assured. I won’t do anything. Hey! To the October 25, 2007 5:49

      above this text, for ease of reading, the author slightly edited, revised some typos and improper punctuation. And said the incident, from the rock, can get two warning: first, customer service attitude to be standardized; the other is the technical level of technical personnel maintenance needs to be improved. Two aspects are indispensable.

      the origin of the event is unknown, and the final result is very clear. If it is because of the quarrel and the corresponding service court disaster, is really the "lessons learned". But maybe not. The story is not yet clear, final judgement. Even if the quarrel is not unilateral will impose a war of words, even if people are bored, do not want to come to this boring. So what is the reason, resulting in the occurrence of the quarrel? In fact, in business activities, the so-called altercation is often accompanied by the interests of the. Rock this event is nothing but. Two and about to escape stakeholders. As a customer service, business negotiations, we do not have to care about, even if the customer is winded two, he is, why not make a wood carved mud, the bag fell, "Jin Fu Ming"? Thus, customer service training is not waiting, so stumbling, drew attacks. On the other hand, as a professional Internet data center, must be ready to deal with emergencies. But this rock has to eat this "buff" Ma turned, sudden burst.