after a takeover rumors, at the end of July, has taught a generation of the Internet is what is YAHOO, the telecommunications company Verizon to $4 billion 830 million acquisition of cash.

Although YAHOO

as an independent corporate entity highlights is very limited, but YAHOO mail, news, sports and financial tools are still many professionals trust products, so after the acquisition of these products will be implanted YAHOO Verizon. Verizon said the acquisition will allow the number of digital advertising business doubled, shortening the gap between Google and Facebook.


however, just two months after the acquisition, Yahoo Corp confirmed that hackers stole information from YAHOO users of 500 million. It is said that the attack occurred at the end of 2014, hackers stole a large number of users of personal information and no encryption security issues and answers".

although YAHOO said yesterday that the scale of the cyber attack is far more serious than initially thought, but the stolen information does not include any credit card data. But YAHOO recommends that all users, if from 2014 to the present has not modified their account password, should be amended as soon as possible their password.