January 9th, WeChat small program was finally published, many people are in a variety of WeChat touted is once again to change the world, as a media person, may be more or we need to reflect, rather than blindly touted.

as a new thing, a small program is a bonus, but this dividend is not the so-called user bonus. But do not like the public number and service number, the need for user attention, small programs only need to use the user is equivalent to concern. The bonus is not the flow of dividends, you do not use App, small procedures will not be used."

but for entrepreneurs, this is still a new channel to get users, so you must try.


but the emergence of small programs, but to some extent, but can not change the current ecology, here are ten reasons.

1, a small program lacks the true entry



is found in the entrance of small procedures in the column, but these are small programs without user attention wake-up mechanism, that is to say no way for users to send messages, users go, then what is the point for developers of


2, a small program experience is not good enough



compared to the service number, the user experience of small programs have been greatly improved, but the native app, there is still a certain gap. At least part of the function is missing. WeChat stressed that the light, it is impossible for small programs with the same function as the native app. For example, drops can only be called express service, which is not very good.


and WeChat are not developers

WeChat wants to link all natural, a very important part of developers to provide services, but all developers actually want to do their own platform, if they are all users in the WeChat system play, then who can have a business model. Developers are more small programs as a new channel, and will not put all the energy.

4, WeChat is essentially a closed


Take the

small program search experience, WeChat does not support fuzzy search, you want to find the vast majority of small programs, you must know the actual name of this small program, but the Tencent own son have to search, such as Tencent, such as didi. This is the key that I do not optimistic about the small program.

5, want to get traffic from the line does not work

small program is actually the essence of the slowdown in the growth of WeChat traffic, and then want to get the flow of choice from the line. But want to get traffic from the line into