the past two years network drama more and more fire, "never thought" series is one of the best after the launch, sought after by many young people, in early 2016, plum network reporter interviewed Wan Yi Hop day co-founder of Mr. Fan Jun, together with the understanding of network drama behind the marketing story.

age assessment big test

You are 1

after a few zeros?Answer:


genuine goods at a fair price!

2 do you know who is the goddess of Wang Dachui,


answer: it must know, never thought, la la la la la ~~


3 do you know Wanhe day should be three which God created


: a small star called the beast is easy and… Don’t know…

4 do you know why the white hole, hole goddess will become net red?

answer: what is the truth, plum network Xiaobian you tell me!


recently made network drama Huobian video website, such as the recent " and " in the hearts of all the "Princess promotion" (see "18 questions through" Princess promotion "and" dirty "fire!"), such as " " one hundred thousand; director; grass root the big man starring "peng.


someone asked: " what is the most important home appliance in your home but you have the least contact? "

young man: " needless to say, TV set; "

with the rapid development of new media, network video media also began to gradually become the mainstream, many young people can not contact the television a year, but definitely not a day without contact with mobile phone and video websites. Compared to the traditional TV series, relaxed, short, groove point, the bottom line of the network homemade drama, more close to the lives of young people, but also to harvest the attention of young audiences.


Wan Yi Hop days three founders: Fan Jun, Bai Zhongchun, beast called Yi Xing (left to right)

and as early as 2008, the video site is still struggling on the edge, the portal is still the mainstream media, but the network the beast called Yi Xing held a glass of water with " veterinary " small video Master word mask, Fan Jun also Sales Department Deputy General Manager, and also just into Bai Zhongchun, as director of advertising production department production.

three people, at that time completely unexpected, in a few short years, the mainstream media from the door >