With the development of the micro-blog

blowout, the social network marketing to a new climax, from VANCL to harem elegant events, let us understand that micro-blog in the social network marketing charm and strength. Probably most of the users from this time began to focus on social network marketing, in fact, social network marketing applications, the beginning is mainly reflected in the enterprise will establish a company blog and brand community, and then add some social marketing tools, such as user comments on the product introduction, consumers ask open area and so on. Want to use these consumer communication tools, more potential consumers into the actual purchase of consumers. Facebook as well as the rise of the domestic network, such as the SNS community website, and completely promote the development of social network marketing.

social networking website SNS has changed the traditional way of Internet communication, from radio and television and other means of communication, directly into the interaction between people and smooth, everyone has their own social networking. We can no longer rely on traditional advertising, celebrity endorsements, professional reviews, and so on, and we can get credible advice from people who use the product on social networking sites. And SNS allows us to talk directly to the enterprise, to participate in the experience activities and to understand the recent activities.


08 years of operating the campus matchmaking sites, the real experience of SNS marketing charm, promotion less than a month we get 2W real customers, then the domestic SNS marketing is not very mature, mainly through the beautiful handsome users sending interactive information, and sharing the emotional hot topic and classic articles. Today, at present the SNS community is very diverse and rich marketing means. But it is important for us to understand that social networking media focus on interactive communication between businesses and users, rather than direct advertising attempts to use social media platforms to publish any advertising related information. Everyone will mercilessly away from you. 96% of Facebook users do not click on any one ad. Because we came here just for communication and communication. They don’t want to see any advertisements.


interactive marketing vest

SNS in addition to the social networking site to create enterprise public home page at the same time to encourage employees to register more than one real vest users, because social network media information providing and transmitting users. If we interact with the user’s role and the user, you can truly collect the user’s market reaction, and can give users a good guide.

2, event marketing

custom planning user interaction events, activities should focus on the importance of participation and transitivity. We can specify some incentives. Such as sharing the use of product experience or comments, while inviting friends and friends to share. Participants who are invited to share the opportunity to get a chance to travel together.

3, authoritative knowledge marketing

professional authoritative information on the user has great new attraction, but may be more different industries. With big >