today in the QQ webmaster group 998002 published his views on the site project, did not expect everyone to reflect very strong. To tell the truth, a person or a wave of people’s ability is limited, you always earn money does not play, money projects can sometimes do together. Way to make money, is the heart.

with the heat of non mainstream and QQ space, similar sites springing up, one after another. People’s ability to imitate and call ability is strong, this had to admire. I was the point of view, the site may not have to do is very complex, you have the time to grab gold and others, as well as their own rent a boat. For example, a rise of just qzone each step on the website, conservative access daily at about 30 thousand IP. We can see that the website is designed to modify an each step program, before this website, but not many successful cases. Why he can succeed and that is the main viral marketing. The group of QQ spaces is large, about 20000000. We all love to show off, just love to trample space. Some good points in the space, a day visit at around 100 thousand ip. The main space added to this website, just write diary, strong appeal, a month, this qzone each step on the website member number is over 10000. After living on the moisture, because Adsense program announced dot original program, this kind of website again, make money do not have a few. My focus here is not to discuss the site to make money, a lot of successful models can be copied, you just spend more time and energy on the line. If you are going to engage in this qzone step on each site, my opinion is that there is no drama, unless you have a cow stand, or to recognize a few cattle family patriarch, a few months to estimate the point. But I hope you can think, why don’t you get a 51 blogs on each other, each step on the campus network, or other blogs on each other that, just slightly can be modified under the program, in June, I searched, no such sites, when writing this article search 3. We feel that the future of such sites, interested and friends, can make their own, I do not have time to engage in.

used to write many articles, I said that I was the main QCC, recently started a research site, often have some new ideas, some ideas may not be set up, but some ideas need a lot of time and energy.

not long ago, I found another empty point from the success of the Admin5 online network of millions, but not a similar Admin5 home network, similar sites, but did not see any famous. Sellers often propaganda shop no place, where to send soft Wen? Can we provide a place?

from the home network, I also found a blank, or engage in online pat Taobao Statistics website rarely. This kind of website is likely to consume resources, there is a good shop on the Internet Statistics, the counter is often a problem, it seems that the statistics are not who can engage in!

a lot of novice webmaster said money is difficult, in fact, I cite >