in the domestic marketing and business circles, the positioning theory has been paid more and more attention, also produced many successful cases for accurate positioning and make the products and brands such as real Kung Fu A new force suddenly rises., positioning steam type fast food chain, Wang Laoji herbal tea drinks can be located in the goal, Yake positioning in 9 kinds of vitamin candy…… The marketing of these brands, in fact, is to explain to consumers and spread their positioning process, through continuous marketing, and ultimately enable consumers to accept the positioning of the brand and establish a strong sense of.

just for the road network marketing, network marketing and network public relations consultant young company, positioning theory also seems to have no time to read Rees and Trout. So we see a lot of surface network events very lively topic marketing and marketing, to the customer’s final report is very gorgeous, the data is also very beautiful, but still can not make the customer satisfied. A big reason is that they do not focus on product and brand positioning to carry out network marketing. Therefore, although the Internet has created no small volume network, but the information is out of order, to focus on brand positioning, naturally can not continue to deepen the consumer and network crowd of brand awareness.

, for example, many customers want their business or brand overnight, in the Internet era, it is possible to do it, but if consumers are only "heard" your brand, significance, because the connotation of the brand can not understand, it is very difficult for your brand to impress. Not to mention the direct consumer impulse.

in recent days, the horizon of a "looking for 2009 migrant workers brothers, help you home" post caused a relatively large social repercussions, but also caused a lot of controversy. As far as I know, this is a public welfare activities initiated by liquor companies. The original enterprise to do public welfare is worthy of recognition. But the enterprise operation is a problem, do publicity on the network when the post is anonymous, there is clear planning color, on the other hand, they also in buses and billboards advertising, and highlights the enterprise brand. As a result, the media have followed up reports, but the Internet is a question of the voices of speculation.

look at the background of this business, because the industry often compete with the lawsuit, the war of words, has been giving people the feeling of hype. Therefore, this was very good acts of kindness will be easily understood to speculation. From a deeper level to see, the liquor brand positioning and image has been relatively vague, at least we can not find a reunion, home wine and home related brand culture. Therefore, the "help you home" the apparent lack of a brand endorsement, but also with the enterprise in the past public behavior lacks coherence, it is extremely awkward. The social audience can not deepen the emotional identity and brand awareness of the brand.

but if the change is the main Fu culture Jinliufu wine to do the "help you home" public welfare activities, it will be a different effect. Because Jinliufu "Spring Festival home, Jinliufu.