if the No. 181 is the management of terminal, No. 204, is the content…… Do not let the video site APP on TV, then continue to play mobile terminal. Cable TV can not see, can not see, it is on the video site, mobile phone PAD, however, the introduction of article 204…… 204 text of the provisions of the very strict and meticulous, it seems that the General Administration has taken the video site when the TV station management, it is no wonder that the video site is on the Internet tv".



Office of the State Administration of press and publication on September 3, 2014 issued a new agency issued 2014 Document No. 204, the introduction of foreign TV drama video site will be restricted and comprehensive management, if 2011 No. 181 is the management of terminal, No. 204, is the content, or it will end a long time of administration the Internet and cable network system management, so that we return to the same starting line.

with the rapid development of communication technology, by the end of September, the domestic broadband users has exceeded 200 million, close to 230 million users of cable television, cable television is facing severe challenges from the Internet, the user is not only watching TV at home, but through the PC online video website, or download video sites in the mobile phone on the PAD APP video website, also released their own Internet TV set-top box or set up their own area in the other box or TV to occupy the living room, of course, the latter was No. 181 constraints.

do not let the TV, then continue to play mobile terminals, cable TV can not see, can not see, you can look at the video site, on the phone PAD, however, the introduction of article 204…

that allows users to make the Internet Kuangzhui content, who was proud of what is now restricted, allegedly the file has been sent to all network audio-visual institutions, in accordance with the documentation requirements and deployment, the relevant work is underway.

No. 204 is based on the "Regulations on the administration of radio and television" (State Council Decree No. 228Th), "Internet audio-visual program service management regulations" (SARFT and the Ministry of information industry order No. fifty-sixth), notice of the State Administration of Radio Film and television drama "on the strengthening of the Internet communication management" (GF 2007 No. 122) and other relevant laws and regulations, the Internet and other information networks for the spread of foreign TV drama should be made according to the law "films screened permit" and "TV distribution license".

[buy drama must be used for personal use, not only sell not broadcast]

General Administration to encourage qualified Internet audio-visual program service web site to introduce the content of the broadcast health, well produced, to promote the United States and the United States and foreign film and television drama. But foreign movies and TV series broadcast on the Internet, should be made according to the law issued by the Department of broadcasting news published "films screened permit" and "teleplay issues license" and other documents of approval, and obtained the right to network dissemination of information to the copyright owner, not made films "Public License" and "Ying