India seems to become the current domestic mobile phone brand manufacturers to enter the overseas market a hotly contested spot.

from the beginning of 2013, the domestic mobile phone brand manufacturers get together and went to the India gold rush, cut the stable order from ODM to OPPO, vivo Jin, open to contractors to enter the door, millet has just started a high-profile electricity supplier system, and HUAWEI began in local factories, just two years time, India to "dark horse" potential station the global mobile phone manufacturers to compete for the center of the stage.

some people would say that this is due to the outbreak of smart phones in India.

Jaipur (Jaipur) local electronic city

according to the global research firm IDC market is expected, India smartphone sales in 120 million this year, is the world’s top third smartphone market, but compared to the total population of more than 1 billion 200 million, the penetration rate was only about 10%. Consulting firm Zinnov data, India smartphone growth in the next five years will remain at around 36%. That is to say, five years after the India market growth will slow slightly, but would like Chinese, is still a huge market of replacement shipments per year.

also said that India is the domestic mobile phone "sea" ricci.

December 11, 2014, on suspicion of infringing Ericsson have ARM, EDGE, 3G and other related technologies such as 8 patents, millet Ericsson sued the India Delhi high court in India. In fact, in addition to millet, the previous five years, was a patent problem tripped is not a minority. Compared to the European and American markets, including India, Southeast Asia may be China field trials to expand overseas brands.

since India is so hot, why not go to see? With curiosity, "First Financial Daily" the reporter visited the India local mobile phone market in early July, from Madrid to the satellite city of Gurgaon, to the north of India, the ancient city of Jaipur, from first-tier cities to three or four line cities, large intelligent mobile phone sales channels and the global brands crazy advertising bombing that seems to be all.

Jaipur (Jaipur) is the capital of Rajasthan (Rajasthan), an ancient city in northern India, from the New Delhi airport to sit down after 6 hours by train or car to arrive, but the traffic is in such a less developed city, the domestic mobile phone figure was everywhere. The reporter found in the local Electronic City Huaqiang North, the name of the billboard Jin and Vivo are placed in the mall at the entrance to the most prominent position, of course, has the largest number of billboards and local brands and international friends of Samsung Micomax.

in India, the international brand and the Chinese mobile phone brand manufacturers the most competitive price range may be the market of 20000 rubles (about $2000 RMB). Go up is dominated by Samsung and apple in the high-end market, go down is the local brand rooted in the low-end market, although in the past two years