marketing is the small and medium enterprises in the most commonly used marketing tools, so far, according to the data show that the use of soft to product promotion and brand of small and medium-sized enterprises in growing, and the effectiveness of marketing and the conversion rate is staggering, so visible marketing has become the marketing practices of small and medium enterprises biggest the. However, the Internet in the development of marketing by many companies mining, but also in the promotion of soft paper products with the brand culture, in this regard, small and medium enterprises if you can do soft Wen promotion, come down for a long time can get the best promotion effect.

when it comes to small and medium enterprises how to expand the promotion effect of soft, I believe will get some promotion personnel with now enterprises in almost all do marketing, of course, the removal of other marketing methods, soft Wen promotion is the most commonly used. Recently I also do business in the promotion of soft paper, just started feeling unable to expand the promotion effect of soft, for a few weeks to do soft Wen promotion have no effect, so I communicate with others and to operate it, finally bring unbelievable effect, so I will own practice experience together with the promotion of the personnel exchanges, so that more enterprises to expand the promotion of soft effect.

a, the title of soft paper to packaging perfect

first of all, the title of the soft Wen to do packaging. We all know that the user first see when reading an article is the title but see is the importance of the title is very large, enterprise promotion personnel do not underestimate the title that ten short words, which contains knowledge is not small, if the title written, can bring some even reading rate conversion, the author summed up several:

first: learn to write the title of the party. In the title of the title can write some of the title, the title must be enough to attract the user’s eye, so that the user wants to click on the title to see. On the contrary, if the user did not see the title after the click of desire, the essay was written again good also in vain, so to dig out the highlights from the article, using those users can click on the desire of vocabulary. For example, the story of 3 women and 105 men, the contents of the water margin.

second: title to meet the user search habits. Soft after the writing will certainly be released on various websites, so is to sit back and wait, waiting for the user to read the website, but it became a problem with the site every day after the update, the content will be buried, then certainly there will be no one to see, so we have only a way to make users see the article, we can be in the title of some Kung Fu, will meet the user search habits of title in the title, this approach can greatly increase the exposure rate, but the effect is persistent, as long as there will be exposure to user search. For example, the site is really effective diagnosis.

third: implant information to be promoted in the title. The above also said that users read articles >