Discuz! Lovers network July 22nd exclusive observation (text / Tang Shier less) domain name investment has become a way of investment in the Internet and channels, no less than China 90s stock investment, also less than the new century real estate investment. The domain name occupation investors and stock investors and real estate investors in their respective fields for profit, it is " rich that a group of people ".

as the domain name investors is how to make money? What domain can invest and have? How much is the enterprise price to buy the best domain name? Today a to see the data in multitude as we take stock of domestic price 10 " domain name ".

1 Jingdong acquired JD.com

30 million

Jingdong is the domestic electrical mall business veteran, but the old domain name 360buy.com has no special significance in the industry, and even can be said that the domain name fall into the stereotypes, Arabia digital plus a little English, neither fish nor fowl. So convenient in Jingdong saw the advertisement value and the value of the flow short domain name, spend huge sums of money to acquire 30 million JD.com, one time the industry (IT and electricity) an uproar. Chinese in the history of the Internet, the acquisition of Jingdong have JD.com domain name to 30 million price in the domestic " price list; domain ".

2 millet acquisition of mi.com

22 million 430 thousand

millet mobile phone dubbed China apple, of course, the mobile phone quality and user experience in the domestic mobile phone is second to none, especially the use of Apple’s marketing mode, implement the hunger marketing way won the people’s attention, money and got people’s attention. It is because of the results of the revenue that millet company can buy a short domain name mi.com.

millet co-founder Li Wanqiang has just confirmed on the micro-blog transaction price of $3 million 600 thousand, or about $22 million 430 thousand. Lei Jun, chairman of millet science and technology on behalf of millet said micro-blog’s new domain name " thief expensive " China’s Internet history may be the most expensive domain name. However, after a hard to see the collection of data found that the price is not the most expensive domain name in the history of China’s Internet, can only be your domain name.

3 Wo Wo Group 15 million acquisition of 55.com domain

three years ago, the domestic group purchase industry can be described as fast, powers everywhere, the U.S. group, handle, Wo Wo Group is the world’s army group purchase. But in group purchase can nouveau riche expense according to industry sources, Wo Wo Group in three the year before the closing of the 55.com domain, the price is 15 million yuan.

4 vip.com acquisition vip.com

news October 15, 2013, the domestic sale electricity supplier vip.com recently acquired VIP.COM>