January 14, 2009, the first round of successful financing body network. Access to the first round of 10 million funds from domestic private capital. The success of the net body financing, but also in the economic crisis in the Internet industry in the first 09 years of the new year to obtain private equity financing of e-commerce companies.

Hyun Shanghai network was founded in 2006, is a focus on the international well-known sports brand discount chain store and sports electronic business platform of the company, after the company’s chairman and CEO Mr. Yang Shengjun several years of exploration and innovation, to find the support point of the development of network Hyun in August 2008, the establishment of the fulcrum is Hyun Shanghai sports body member discount City, through the new B2B2C online mode and the establishment of the national chain member body movement dazzle discounters, powerful complementary organic combination of online and offline advantage.

In August 2008

, chief executive officer of the company, under the leadership of Mr. Wang Shiyu, to achieve a comprehensive revision of the national development and the body member store Shanghai Hyun Hyun network, at the same time, business ideas do not only do retail channels and resources integration for the business model. All retail services are completed by the members of the network. At present, the body of the network by the members of the national physical chain members, online diamond seller members, retired athletes and retired athletes champion champion, the major B2C, C2C site members, members of the bank and other components. Since the beginning of August 20, 2008 to the end of December 31, 2008, the body has been set up in the national network of 150 chain stores, sales reached $17 million.

After the realization of the first round of financing

dazzle body network, the funds are mainly used to adjust the structure of goods, brand building and personnel training. Will accelerate the expansion of the national network in the national market, and at the same time to strengthen the strength of the body of the two or three terminal sales and profitability to provide more effective support.

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