web design and development is very hard, so do not only for a small number of people and design

this is a blog written by foreigners, detailing his eyes due to cultural differences caused by the development of web pages. "Feature" is not only in China, perhaps as a designer of China, but also need to take into account the characteristics of Indonesia, Singapore characteristics……

who would like to be treated as a treat? Unless there is a member of the honor of being "handsome" or "white Formica", or "minorities" is usually discrimination. As well as social discrimination, technical discrimination is due to the neglect of certain factors, but people do not seem to be fully aware of the harm done.

this problem is largely due to cultural differences, more specifically, the lack of cultural awareness. I mean, the developer itself may uphold a culture from the global First impressions are strongest, but the background, it may be wrong, but it can often lead to the user so neglected.

in order to pursue a more harmonious Internet experience in the global context, it is necessary to understand the 10 problems encountered in the development process of the web page. Some may not be new to you, but if you want to live in harmony with people of different cultures, you will not be able to avoid them.


, Firefox and Chrome occupy 91% of the market


I’m not joking. I mean, look at the following picture:


Indonesia browser share, and their proportion in the world is completely different

if you are in Indonesia, you will be able to appreciate this. This data from the Internet traffic monitoring agency StatCounter. Although there are some differences in the statistics of different institutions, but the overall trend has been: IE is dead in indonesia. In this country, 93% of people use Windows or Windows XP, so this is not the fault of Mac or Unix, they just do not use the system default browser.

this is a typical example, it can be seen that the key development site is to understand the target audience, the statistical data in the world, sometimes irrelevant. Although from a global point of view, Chrome may be only a few percentage points ahead of IE, but if it is in Indonesia, the situation is very different. Background determines everything.

2, August 7th may not always be written in 8/7, sometimes with 7/8

believe that many people are aware of this, but often ignore this problem naturally or half unconsciously – after all, not many places use the expression "day / month". But in fact, if you use the month / day, it is a "minority", and it is likely that Americans or Belize. Don’t believe it