news March 8th, days before receiving the billion state power network insiders broke the news, said that as early as last year have been rumors of "collapse" of the O2O brand community will return 001, and reach an agreement before the Spring Festival and the Mengniu Group, signed a merger agreement.

billion state power network restructuring rumors to a Mengniu senior internal verification, the other said it’s true, but for the principle of confidentiality, before the two sides officially announced inconvenient details.


Mengniu fancy community 001 what

rumor collapse community 001 what is the value of Mengniu willing to cooperate with him

?A person close to the

agency 001 industry sources said, as the first domestic O2O enterprises, both from the social precipitation depth or breadth of influence, 001 community has a good foundation, and has a ready-made O2O management system. But this to want to cut the electricity supplier and miss the point of Mengniu, attractive enough.

for the brand, a big pain in the field of sales is the traditional channels of oppression, so the self built channel has become a lot of brand choice, Mengniu is no exception.

According to

billion state power network to understand, as early as 2014, Mengniu plan by expanding business platform to integrate online and offline resources, and through all channels, to push new products quickly spread line on the market, but no system into play, is the limited results.

said the above, with VC cash play different, industrial capital is more focused on the effect of the superposition of the two sides of the capital after superposition. Recalling the community’s 001 business model, failed to keep up with the rapid pace of asset allocation of assets. Mengniu in early 2014, 180 thousand new outlets, which can directly open up these resources for the community to use 001, part of the subsidies, no extra spending too much cost, can let the community O2O can concentrate on to maximize its value for their own use.

Mengniu also need innovation, but also to help people to communicate with the brand to customers." Community 001 strong ability to push the ground to meet the needs of Mengniu, so the deal does not matter cost-effective.

As for

, how to take the community after 001, because the current aspects of Mengniu did not disclose the details of cooperation between the two sides, so for the specific circumstances of the outside world can only speculate inference. Billion state power network consulting a number of industry insiders, the general view is that the community 001 may become a distribution channel of mengniu.

"maybe the cooperation between the community 001 and Mengniu is to turn his store into a distribution point of Mengniu, and then let Mengniu’s products directly to customers. Second, the community has a lot of community warehouses in the country in the 001, you can also turn these warehouses into Mengniu community warehouse." An analysis of the community O2O founder to billion state power network.

maybe just like this