JINGWAH Times News (reporter Huai Ruogu) yesterday afternoon, in twenty-first Century the president of the media Limited by Share Ltd Shen Hao, general manager Chen Dongyang was taken away by the police, a number of sources confirmed this.

according to insider news, yesterday afternoon, the south newspaper group held a party committee, announced the dismissal of Shen Hao twenty-first Century Department of party secretary duties, but its administrative duties, twenty-first Century CEO, and general manager of Chen Dongyang’s position is not free. At the same time, the Party committee also announced the appointment of Wang Yijun, Guo Yile was Deputy Secretary of Department of Party committee secretary, twenty-first Century.

has a Southern Newspaper staff said, Shen Hao, Chen Dongyang was taken away by the police, the staff said that at present has not been publicly surprised, but the internal communication matter, "the existing message is only" taken away ", specifically to assist in the investigation or control no information". According to reports, Wang Yijun is the Southern Newspaper Media Group of the Party committee, deputy director of the CMC, the deputy editor in chief, Guo Yile South Daily editorial, director of the Department of economic news.

reporters call the propaganda personnel of Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau, said that he was unaware of each other. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau informed earlier, on suspicion of extortion news network, twenty-first Century people were taken to the police criminal coercive measures, the reporter last night call the publicity staff of Shanghai City Public Security Bureau, no phone calls, send text messages to interview did not respond.

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Shen Hao served as the "Southern Weekend" of

According to the twenty-first Century

media company’s official website, Shen Hao served as the "Southern Weekend" newspaper news director, editorial director, Nanfang Daily Press in a room, "City Pictorial" agency executive deputy editor, editor of "twenty-first Century economic report" newspaper, twenty-first Century daily news editor in chief, director of the Guangdong twenty-first Century Publishing Co. Ltd. General Manager, President currently, the board of directors of the company, president.

Chen Dongyang worked for the southern daily, Southern Weekend finance department financial department, after the former executive deputy director of the Department of the Southern Weekend advertising issue, deputy general manager, general manager, executive vice president of Guangdong twenty-first Century Publishing Ltd., vice president of the company.

twenty-first Century media Limited by Share Ltd controlled by Guangdong Nanfang Media Group Limited, the business includes the "twenty-first Century economic report", "financial weekly", "twenty-first Century Business Review" and other media products exclusive right to operate, and the operation in twenty-first Century net, 21EDM, mobile phone MMS mobile newspaper, twenty-first Century 21 Financial News and other new media business.