This week

, the domain name market continued last week trading enthusiasm, the number of domestic market transactions increased, the number of weeks of Pinyin domain name transactions increased, domain name for enterprise platform acquisition, foreign markets this week no million price domain, but also this week transactions Redubujian, the overall number of domain names, occupy a certain advantage in the number of domain names on two, comprehensive market, domain name transaction data is stable, the simple to understand the two domain name market transactions.


figure: Zhou domain name transaction

leading domestic trading this week is still the main domain name, electronic ticket terminal to buy "tickets" Larry domain, surprise, and beauty of the world not to take the domain name to launch related electronic ticket platform, but the launch of the class group purchase platform tickets, becoming the first domestic scenic spot ticket ticket business launch platform group purchase case, in addition, European friends the browser bought launch platform, make the industry attention, protection platform also registered.Co domain name, this week, a particular industry attention other domain name system "million", the domain name to 110 thousand hands, a lot of experience in this domain, the buyer body is unknown, industry insiders speculated that the original owners most likely buy domain name.

in addition to the above mentioned phonetic domain, the domestic market transactions and creative domain, such as Ushi enabled the domain name, domain name system of the acquisition rumors anecdotal, but not confirmed, creative domain name trading case and the Shenzhen Universiade, bought the domain name, in addition to the digital domain name to lively, this week to sell three digital domain name,,, etc., wherein, the domain name system, strong hands. The performance of foreign companies this week dull, domain name trading company buy domain name, buy the domain name

The following

again to see, foreign trading platform in the domain name, domain name trading overseas list, electronic signature domain for $150 thousand, topped the two character domain name to $105999 ranked second, third is to copy the domain name, the domain name for $101300 ranked third, in addition, the national domain this week also sell well the price of, domain name in a $32000 deal, domain name $16898 turnover, etc., these are the names of several countries in the world’s top twenty list.

domain name this week still keep the domestic market transaction pillar status, future trading is still dominated by the phonetic domain of other types such as creative, digital and other English domain name domain name trading is also the indispensable object in foreign market, the same words and phrases domain status, national domain name >