since March, Google will be part of the search service moved from mainland China to Hongkong, China, five of its investment in the mainland continues to operate. Analysys International Senior Analyst Li Zhi told reporters, Google did not completely abandon the mainland market, huge commercial profits China Internet search business, let it not easily make a decision to withdraw. However, Li Zhi also believes that Google’s transfer will certainly have an impact on advertising revenue."

subsidiary normal work

part of the Google search service Chinese migrated to Hongkong, it’s very hard to its official response to the incident, in this case, Google in Chinese mainland investment companies reflected.

according to media reports, Google Corporation invested a total of five enterprises in the mainland, one of which is a joint venture, the company is a wholly owned company of four. The joint venture for the previous operating Google website China mainland Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Guxiang), owned enterprises were Google information technology (Chinese) Technology Co. Ltd., double-click the software (Beijing) Co. Ltd., goo fruit information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Google advertising (Shanghai) limited. Currently five companies are operating.

July 19, 2007, Google Chinese and Beijing Feixiang people Information Technology Co. Ltd. (i.e. jointly set up a joint venture company – Beijing Gu Xiang. When a reporter asked whether the general manager Yang Haoyong also served as the post of Beijing Guxiang, public relations official said on the "daily economic news" reporter, and all Google about the sensitive topic, all cannot answer. Yang Haoyong himself told reporters that the issue of Google do not comment.

Li Zhi believes that before the Google site in the mainland operations are undertaken by the Beijing Valley to fly in circles search service migration to Hongkong, but after the bear operations are likely to change. Reporter repeatedly contact Google China PR Director, want to Google search service after the migration of whether the impact of the company’s operations to conduct interviews, but as of press time, the phone has no answer. However, goo information technology was founded in 2005 (Shanghai) Co., a staff member told reporters, "now the company operating status is not clear, but all employees come to work every day, only have the right to answer other questions of headquarters."

The new "

" daily access to local business information found five subsidiaries established in 2001 to 2009, for a period of 30 years, so far no one display has been canceled.

economic benefits hard

for Google "to come" approach, some analysts believe that the huge profits and 30% Chinese Internet search service market share to stop. Data from Analysys International show that the overall market for Baidu and Google in the fourth quarter of 2009 Chinese search business in the share accounted for 58.4% and 35.6% respectively, with absolute competitive advantage. < >