has learned that the high energy traders team has completed ten million yuan level Pre-A round of financing, the current round of the Taiyue Indus, palm fun enjoy, Castle Peak capital investment, after the team won the real angel investment fund.

high energy traders began as a two dimensional information aggregation community, is the subject of the two dimension of today’s headlines, upon completion of this round of financing will shift the focus of the entire team of the original comic IP hatch, also released a high-energy comic sub brand, originally brought together a lot of traffic community still continues to run, and the IP as an auxiliary.


team focused on turning the logic behind is actually very simple, it is the core content of the two dimension to the needs of the population, from the need to talk about social and community are difficult to stop, in addition to do content after incubation of IP realized than pure cash flow to the more imaginative. This is also consistent with this year’s two dimensional industry trends, whether it is capital or entrepreneurial team, and finally turned to the content of the production. The previous 36 key dimensions of culture, krypton reported in subsequent two ten content production.

is a high-energy comic to hatch diffuse for mobile reading, but they are not going to be as quick to watch cartoons, such a long diffuse platform, but for the author’s comic docking on such a channel platform, provide a variety of services, and other derivatives follow-up for his work.

they are now with the role of cartoon studio like his screenwriter, script team do the basic set of manga stories, finally by the cooperation of different story set cartoonists will be drawn to each channel platform.

The concept of

is currently responsible for these works set the contents of the team members have more than 16 years of paper magazine cartoon editor, billions of dollars at the box office movie screenwriter, cartoonist is cooperation had made the serialized comic magazine in the mature author. Its founder Zhang Qi believes that this line out of the diffuse quality is their core competitive advantage.

"now a diffuse in the mainstream storyboard, script setting and other aspects is not rigorous, we work with serial output on micro-blog, those cartoons in quality difference is very obvious."

is to ensure that the contents in the output quality, the follow-up to keep up with the ability to issue is, before Zhang Qi made the high energy traders is co-founder of game of grapes, had been engaged in game related business, the copyright of this one issue he is confident. In the subsequent derivative aspects of the ACG alliance, AI man has reached a cooperation with them.

2016, 12 a high-energy comics will hatch covers, old man works, such as different types of campus, part of the work will be on the line this month.