sina science and technology news on December 4th morning news, the Supreme People’s Court issued a notice, at 9 on the morning of December 4th in the first court hearing the case of the public hearing of the Tencent in 360 cases of unfair competition. This is the second case in the 3Q series.

it is reported that the morning of December 4th, the Supreme Court held a public open day, invited 80 netizens and media representatives to attend the hearing of this case, and the vice president Xi Xiaoming personally served as chief judge.

Xi Xiaoming is currently the Supreme People’s court party members, vice presidents, members of the judicial committee, two judges. He in the civil and commercial judicial practice experience, has been involved in China’s contract law, guarantee law, bankruptcy law, company law and other important laws and judicial interpretations of the drafting of civil and commercial law, economic law theory and practice research.

case origin

360 Tencent monopoly case originally 3Q war in 2010 "". The 360 aspect, the reason is the imitation of Tencent Inc security guards launched 360 QQ doctor (later renamed QQ computer housekeeper). In February 12, 2010, that is, on the eve of the new year’s Eve, Tencent with its QQ upgrade default bundled approach, a comprehensive promotion QQ doctor this product, started the 3Q war, the first shot.

subsequently, the 360 companies have launched a security tool called "buckle bodyguards". 360 said the tool to protect the security of QQ users, including QQ to prevent users from viewing the privacy documents, to prevent the Trojans to steal QQ as well as to accelerate the QQ, filtering ads and other functions.

Tencent Inc reacted strongly, in late November 3, 2010 6 released "to the majority of QQ users to a letter", announced to stop the operation of QQ software with 360 software on the computer, the user must uninstall 360 software can login QQ, forcing the user to "one of two", resulting in a large number of users are forced to delete the 360 software. Two, strong confrontation.

under the mediation of the Ministry of industry, Tencent Inc to restore compatible 360 software, the company apologized to the user to the two. Then the two battlefield by computer into law, Tencent Inc first against unfair competition in 360 registered in Guangdong, 360 companies in Guangdong Tencent counterclaim by severe abuse of market dominance.

, however, the two cases were lost in the first instance of the trial, followed by 360 to the Supreme People’s court appeal to the Supreme Court of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Supreme Court of the Supreme People’s Court of the people’s republic. In November 26th, the Supreme Court of the trial on the abuse of market dominance case, the Supreme Court of appeal will be tomorrow 360 Tencent, unfair competition disputes (hereinafter referred to as "bodyguards" case) trial.

first instance dispute

April 2011, Tencent sued 360 buttoned bodyguards unfair competition in the Guangdong court, claims 125 million. Tencent sued that 360 buttoned bodyguards destroyed and tampered with Tencent QQ software function, while shielding the advertising clients, destroy the Tencent business model.