now many of our friends do WeChat when the most effective way to increase the growth of our fans is to help us to promote WeChat large. This is a good method, but also the most effective way.

so why is it the most effective way to use WeChat to help us promote


1 user group

Using WeChat

numbers to the public for our promotion, which can greatly reduce our browsing time, when our users browse your content, if you think you can then he will direct your attention to the prompt guidance according to your public number. There is our WeChat promotion can guarantee that our users have at least a micro signal, if we are in the other platform to promote if he has QQ or WeChat, but not necessarily WeChat, so in this we will lose quite a large part of the fans. WeChat public numbers as long as we guide the good, then our fans will be a lot of increase. Pictured:




This is our promotion

respectively for fifteen minutes, one hour and 3 hours after the fan volume growth, some people may think this will promote our looks not very true, fans grew very fast, but we must be extended to all the fans are of high quality, and we also reply to the news very high.

2 retention time as well as exposure

retention time for this our promotion is very important, for the promotion of QQ, we are only a few hours, but this is WeChat have been able to save, this is very important for us, in general, our results in a day is the most obvious moreover, the exposure we rely mainly on the content and our fans to share, to share their circle of friends through the existing fans, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing fans. Pictured:



this is the promotion of the effect, know that today our fans are still growing. From which we can see that we are more concerned about the amount of cancellation, this is mainly our content and layout to do is not very good, so a part of the people concerned about the cancellation.

here I have to reveal some of our business model, we are the team of operators, we can only do so much, whether it is for our personal or team operation, this is a risk, we can live, thanks to these, if we only have one or two a good, if one day our number was blocked, so we are not hit since.