are the most opposed to Taiwan is a sentence: Grassroots will come to the point of practice, to some money. But what do you know about money?

      first: money to open a shop, no money to open the company. Rich people are in restaurants, cars, clothing, they believe that this is the best way to make money. People who have money in the company, and Microsoft, Google, apple, Lenovo, Wahaha these giants. You have to get past this, the mind must change.

      second: the world is all in the grassroots. In the science park to get government funding, bank investment, driving a car to live in the villa, it is impossible to have a large. However, from the garage, the basement of the invention, but can shock the world, why is poor? Because these people spend their money to work hard, he is going to fight that breath. Only by living in the bottom of the society for a long time, can he find out the secret that he can transform the society. Qiongzesibian, poor siful, only when the oppressed energy is accumulated, all the ups and downs, wind and rain are transformed into power, in order to produce a nuclear bomb explosion, the long simmering breath when the sudden release will soar overnight and let the market change.

      third: thought change often only in an instant. Many people’s success is forced out, said he saw others, he is not convinced, would go on that breath, not to dry out a way to let people see. Therefore, the struggle between the grassroots, must be picked up, people used to see those disgusting, even touted the people’s state of mind at ease, decisive, deafening thunder thunderbolt hair collapse of the text, there must be someone to write. After a war of words, often will emerge a winner, the hero often came in the wilderness, after the closure of the curse, the next few years, nature will be filled with many heroes.