I joined the Wo Wo Group group purchase industry Valentine’s day in February 14, 2011, went to 24 tickets, 24 tickets and go after the collapse of the rice network, has experienced three group purchase website, witnessed the group purchase industry in the right and wrong, leaving the group purchase industry today, should leave the text down to good memories and learning.

hazy period

joined Wo Wo Group in 2011 when it was Xu Maodong Xu took over Wo Wo Group vigorously began to force the time, he was in the use of Xu Kaiwei tell (focus wireless) method with the money around the country buying a local group purchase website, and opened a large price from the dig, my entry in Fuzhou. In Fuzhou when Wo Wo Group bought the local group purchase website 100 guest group, after I was sent to Xiamen, Xiamen and the acquisition of local flash group, went to Jiujiang, went to Jiangyin, to handle almost all of the people dug up in Jiangyin, before Jiangyin when the manager of the monthly salary of more than 3 thousand in Wo Wo Group to ten thousand, before sales supervisor in more than 2 thousand Wo Wo Group to 7000 yuan. I called about extension manager monthly only 2500 yuan. At that time, so a lot of the old Wo Wo Group employees have this idea, it is time to Wo Wo Group spoiler market, Wo Wo Group China to recruit staff number reached more than 5 thousand, with the big stock, also smoothly discharged into the top three group purchase.

this stage is the hazy period I buy the industry, I do not know which group is the best buy, which can be the first to do after the first, feeling the results are almost the same thing to buy a lot of businesses are the same. I only thought that Wo Wo Group should not do well, so many people, so high wages, the cost is too big. I close the door before the company did not control the cost is estimated at the time, is the United States listed on the NYSE is not profitable, just look at the size, so that Wo Wo Group can be such a big bill to dig to open the market, there was a market showstopper is Gaopeng, friends should be a wonderful time. There is a well paid to dig, paying people to dig is not wonderful, wonderful is to business cooperation since the 30% gross profit. Some even higher. I think the leadership of Gaopeng head is water. No wonder there are so good up Tencent also.

shuffle phase

in July, because I want to transfer to Haikou when Wo Wo Group Sales Executive (called the director of sales at Wo Wo Group), but the Haikou side has no this position, let me when the sales. So I went to 24 coupons when marketing manager. At this time the 24 coupons also started with Wo Wo Group similar pace, vigorously recruiting sales, money burn, 24 tickets in Haikou station staff up to more than and 40 people, the goal is to recruit 80 people. But other sites sell up to more than and 10, glutinous rice is not much more than 10. In order to seize market share, when working with Oscar, the cinema is the price of 23 yuan to cooperate, to sell $24 coupons, a single post 5 yuan. Sold more than 8 thousand. Lost nearly more than 40 thousand. Such expansion