recently, the founder of New Oriental Yu Minhong and "Hong Tai" (Hong Tai investment fund companies) entrepreneurs exchange, directed education O2O online tutoring platform ills: the teacher more than the students; tutoring platform did not improve the efficiency of students and parents; family class no dignity to tutor, longer distance teacher time delay. Direct position on the education platform O2O look bad.


tutoring platform a lot, but one of the Tencent investment O2O tutoring platform crazy teacher, its co-founder Wang Xuexian accusations against Yu Hongmin made a circle of friends for the following reply:


The two generation of

education and training of entrepreneurs to spark a conflict accidentally taking a dialogue, in the end what information to convey


2015 can be said to be the most popular O2O concept of the year, almost all sectors of the O2O project to get financing. The education industry is no exception, after the reform of the traditional educational institutions ten years after the reform, the education O2O also like the industry had to buy the fire up. However, the heat only lasted less than a year, and now the problem is that the past boom in the educational O2O platform still hope it?

education O2O

sequence of events

said before the problem, talk about the education and training industry background. China’s training industry is in a highly fragmented state, the two major listed companies in the New Oriental, good future in the training of large plates, but also occupy a single digit market share. Although the Internet and mobile Internet era, the highly dispersed, separatist situation has not changed, corresponding to the local life O2O, O2O travel these already highly concentrated.

in the Internet era, the traditional training industry, New Oriental future are trying various training measures, but still around original training mode of tinkering, such as electronic courseware, teacher online video and so on, did not have the opportunity to reform the birth of big industry.

on mobile Internet Dongfeng O2O, O2O education concept also soared, crazy, the teacher asked him to teach, whom to learn, gently tutor a large platform such as the general development of bamboo shoots after a spring rain. In the paper such as burn O2O education industry, O2O also failed to escape, the high quality teacher resources occupancy platform of major platform with high subsidies to attract the line.

I know

engaged in a one-on-one training teacher in Shanghai said that early in the crazy teacher platform teacher, stationed in the month up to 6000 yuan of subsidies, subsidies for teaching is also very high, a month income than the original in the training institutions at least doubled, when more than three or four times.

was the major platform adopted almost all way to start the crazy burn "staking" tour, O2O education and prosperity are originating in this crazy.

education O2O value chain is how to break

when the tide receded, to see who is swimming naked. >