I: we will be the dark horse dark horse founder to the members of the enterprise questionnaire the defenders of the sentiment, for several years at MSN he finally chose to start their own business — network questionnaire. Recently we are in the memory of MSN, and once the parties have said: overseas Internet Co, why in the Chinese is difficult fun, a very important reason, is authorized to. Reprint please indicate the source, you peer.

reported that in October 31, 2014 is MSN messenger China in the last day, many friends, with a variety of micro-blog WeChat map MSN in memory of a variety of scripts China once beautiful time. I am today (November 1st) try to log on MSN, can go up, but the top more than and 500 list of friends is not lit. I now venture, is the founder of the questionnaire network, had served MSN China nearly 4 years, back to the time of the past 4 years, to make a simple summary, but also sort out ideas, expect to have a bit of help to others.

carding, it is necessary to introduce a few background:

first, MSN is Chinese users for Windows Messenger (referred to as live so MSN to this, in China, in fact) and MSN (Chinese website will continue to operate); search business Bing; wireless business acquisition of Skype and 2005-2007 in the integration of the acquisition of hotmail and so on. Microsoft is in accordance with the joint venture in China operating Internet business (JV) routines to do, is a joint venture of Microsoft and investment company (who specifically, you can Baidu), Microsoft technologies and products authorized to the joint venture company, a joint venture company responsible for the operation of the market, take photos. The planning and construction of the joint venture took about 1 years, 2005 MSN officially landed in the country (before we can use MSN, but did not operate in China) in May.

The joint venture company

MSN will be on the Internet advertising business all exclusive license to the domestic was the largest network marketing company, when he is in charge of the company set up a subsidiary to operate the MSN sales. From the end of 2004 to set up in 2008 to leave, he is not in Microsoft or MSN, but only 4 years of sales MSN advertising this one thing, with the Microsoft and MSN brothers for the development of Chinese area often hill sea now think, combs, gains and losses, expected gains.

first: MSN why not play

in China

this is a little big, how much, is the foreign Internet Co in China can be fun? Why are not? A lot of friends for eBay, Yahoo, Google and MSN in Chinese from the market localization, capital investment, team, policy influence and so on dimension are summarized here only from one perspective. Is authorized.

I’m going to talk about an example, one day in 2005, because of advertising