news February 14th, the virtual reality / augmented reality company 8i announced a $27 million B round of financing, Time Warner, Baidu, Hearst, led, Verizon, One Ventures, Seed & Speed, the Senate voted, Baidu also will cooperate with 8i in the product deeply.

data show, 8i company was founded in 2014, headquartered in Losangeles and Wellington in New Zealand, the company focused on the field of VR/AR/MR 3D imaging characters, committed to achieve large-scale, low cost and high precision of 3D characters, has successfully developed a series of image capture, splicing and compression of the core algorithm, and is compatible with all AR/VR platform.

at present, 8i technology has been included in Paris L’OREAL, Time Inc and other enterprises in the application of technical training, brand advertising sales, etc.. 2017, 8i will also be launched for consumers Holo App, 3D portrait technology will be applied to the mobile terminal device. Baidu venture partner Cai Wei said, artificial intelligence is the core of AR technology, Baidu optimistic about the use of AR in various industries. 8i has a leading technology, but also a solid management and R & D team. The 8i global financing as a bridge, Baidu look forward to working with 8i to work together to build a strong ecological."