April 14th, a deal sparked curiosity. Large electricity supplier Jingdong has become a buyer, the seller is Tencent and other companies, the sale of things is – big data. The platform for the sale of the Guiyang stock exchange, as the country’s first big data exchange, was formally established on the same day.

this transaction is very new, but it is only a commercial data transactions, at present, many governments have begun to contact large data trading platform. The government was holding the tax data, provident fund data, many enterprises has long been craving, but whether these data privacy data? How to deal? Big data transaction as a new thing, there are many places worth exploring, therefore, the newspaper interviewed a number of industry insiders.

(1) government big data as raw material does not charge

April 10th, Zhongguancun big data industry alliance secretary general trading, Beijing Sea Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the number of sea science and Technology) chairman Qin He first time to share a message in the" circle of friends ":" this year we plan and local government cooperation in the construction of the 10 regional data exchange platform."


government to embrace big data, very avant-garde; but the government sale data, right? In this regard, Qin He to the newspaper explained that due to the data management authority, government data can not be traded. The government’s data is the contribution of all citizens, so the government has no right to sell it to obtain commercial compensation.

industry insiders pointed out that the government data itself is free, the data company with the local government to cooperate with the government to provide free data raw materials for processing, in order to better provide data to the demand side. The cost of the process, may become the future of big data transaction costs.

"open government data need to be processed, cleaning and processing of large amounts of data, but this part of the funds is not in the government’s financial planning, and large data trading platform to do is to cooperate with the government to help the local government to the high value of the data is open to the whole society." Qin said He.

in 100 financial (Beijing) financial information services Limited by Share Ltd senior director Duan Ying view, the government is willing to participate in big data there are two major driving force: on the one hand, the market will be eager to the government’s huge data resources as the basis; on the other hand, the government also wants to open data resources to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

Qin He data provided by the government directly or indirectly holds the data resources accounted for more than 80%, the rest of the commercial holdings accounted for only 20%. In the data resources held by the government, the public sector is only part of the public sector in other areas, such as health care, utilities and other fields. Open government data is the era of big data needs to develop a large oil field." Qin said He.

, chairman of the Department of innovation and cooperation in the north of China, a group of hundred Zhu Zhu rushed to the newspaper, said: from the data quality and data specifications, the government data is more valuable than commercial data." Duan Ying further explained