micro marketing era, as an interactive social platform and rich media on behalf of micro-blog WeChat popular, can increase the effective platform for their business micro fans, expanding of customer source, all the marketing needs of the business of the common pursuit. People often play micro-blog know, as long as there is a place where the official micro enterprises, will encounter zombie powder sales, known as 20 yuan fans and so on, and in fact, mostly just not as the number of 10 thousand. Want to do WeChat marketing companies also know that their own WeChat public numbers to get more accurate fans is a big problem, the success rate is not high. Therefore, how to add precision micro-blog WeChat powder, has become a hot topic in the era of micro marketing. Musicians who believe that the main way to get a lot of fans still rely on the power of the media. Enterprises have to do their own products and services at the same time, combined with the actual situation and development needs of their own to select the appropriate media to promote, in order to improve the micro-blog WeChat link source of exposure, also have the opportunity to get more potential customers attention. Usually, we can try the following methods to micro-blog WeChat advertising:

1, on the official website of the company and micro-blog and WeChat online display or icon link, so that each site visitors have to click on micro-blog WeChat for you to understand, pay attention and the opportunity to interact with you.

2, on the business card to add micro-blog address and WeChat two-dimensional code icon. No matter new and old customers, as long as you receive a business card, you can improve micro-blog interactive, WeChat two-dimensional code scanning concern you.

3, give customers a reason to pay attention to you. Regardless of any marketing, in order to impress customers, you have to give customers a choice of your reasons. Micro marketing is nothing more. We may be appropriate in some key areas to join micro-blog WeChat promotion, such as customer business display area, the Rest Area allows potential customers to see promotional activities or gifts with micro-blog WeChat enterprise, in order to attract the attention of potential customers and convenient for you.

4, through SMS, telephone, QQ and other means, the company has a more stylish and convenient way to contact and display the message to inform the old customers, to guide the attention of old customers, is a good choice.

5, micro-blog and WeChat companies to promote each other, to expand the visibility of both sides. We can promote WeChat in micro-blog top, in micro-blog in the background image embedded WeChat two-dimensional code, can also add a link in WeChat micro-blog and so on, then you can get double effect by forwarding.

6, QQ publicity. QQ mass promotion is a way, in the QQ group for micro-blog WeChat promotion, simple and fast, but also have a certain effect. In addition, QQ space, say, signature is also a good choice.

7, take a free or paid form in print, television and Internet news sites, forums, blogs, and Post Bar reading platform, SkyDrive, classified information platform and all Internet users gathering place for submission or submit some articles, reviews, customer focus.