The amount of information

today’s Internet generated every day is very large, every day there are countless new information content, while there are numerous contents flooded in the Internet, for the car rental industry is even more so, every day about car service information very much, but really can spread to the target customers in front of it very little, today I will take you to look at the car rental industry how to better content marketing, content that did not get rid of every target of the embarrassed situation.

first: content to story led

Most of the

car rental industry marketing are almost stereotyped, what is the price of the vehicle and the vehicle, and finally attached to various types of company and so on, so the dry content is very difficult to really be spread by users, even spread to the user before the eye is also very difficult to let users interested in a good business the success of the year, some car rental companies, there are a lot of stories in the interior, this time as long as there is an effective strategy to organize a lot of vivid stories to content marketing, such as a driver of a moving move, certain activities Moumou employees to do what causes what, what the contents of this type of story, to attract more customers, at the same time, the side in the story and claimed that their own brand of the enterprise is more Car rental industry brand building is very helpful.

second: all types of platforms have official website

Now the model

car rental industry is already full of network promotion, so the website is very important for a car rental companies, in addition to their own independent website, Sina blog, Baidu blog, these large Tencent micro-blog, Sina platform micro-blog’s official website also like to register, at the same time for micro-blog to to apply for certification, allowing users to look more professional, every time the contents of marketing, first published on his website for second days then re synchronization to various other platforms.

third: content marketing claims

most of the car rental industry’s target customers are local people, so that the best means of natural local websites, such as local forum, local class community, local classified information platform, as good content, can be in the local forum first released, by repeatedly pressed to users see the content, click on the content, aware of our enterprises.

fourth: content marketing should be linked to search

in China largest search is Baidu, our car rental industry when the content of marketing must not ignore Baidu, so SEO must do, in addition to the home page keywords, each content should be written to, to guide customers to allow users to get value, make content marketing and search marketing together, the enterprise can develop for a long time.

fifth: content marketing to achieve social sharing

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