[cloud computing is the fourth revolution of IT industry, with cloud applications and services are increasingly rich, showing a "cloud" color flying boom. The variety of cloud services, public cloud, private cloud, as well as the last two years the highest hybrid cloud. In the provision of cloud services, both traditional hosting service providers, there are operators, there are currently more emerging Internet Co in various forms such as cloud services everywhere today, like the old iron but the crisis said, if the company does not engage in Internet cloud products, is really feel shy to say they are doing IT, but in the thriving of cloud service has hidden crisis, will be the next big Internet bubble, and this momentum has emerged. [



May 21st "the sixth Chinese Cloud Computing Conference China Unicom announced personal cloud service will be launched in June, which supports all client terminal mail list, mail, photo album, cloud cloud synchronization backup and cloud sharing. At the same time, China Mobile also announced plans to invest tens of thousands of servers into private cloud. Is generous. This year as a Internet Co or trying to enter the Internet if the company does not engage in so-called cloud products will feel shy to say that they do IT, but also to pour cold water on the iron brother said: "the next big bubble cloud services will be the Internet, this momentum has emerged."

cloud computing services are cloud

iron Kerchak once, at present many kinds of cloud services enterprises, almost a superb collection of beautiful things, Internet operators, and even the Internet have detached cloud products. Recently there are more fiery following: BAT cloud services, operators such as China Unicom mobile telecommunications cloud services, mobile phone manufacturers such as millet HUAWEI ZTE cloud services. Although known as cloud services, but the difference is larger. On the surface this several kinds of cloud services are the user’s hard disk content transferred to the cloud server, one can reduce the user’s hard disk memory pressure, on the one hand, users can realize the real-time transfer of information, convenient, free or cheap expenses for general. Of course, there are many of them rely on cloud disk and other services to make money, but iron brother believes that these big companies in terms of cloud disk private cloud service is just a cover, the purpose is still big data.

seems to be on cloud users and private cloud users, each data can be uploaded to the cloud server to read outside except privacy information, such as file name, size, user habits, geographical, gender and other information will be combined with the acquisition of cloud services cloud storage account system. The amount of data is large enough, enough data will become a treasure, can be established according to the data analysis model to predict the behavior of users, to achieve their business goals. Cloud services through the collection of user information to the cloud through cloud computing to achieve precision marketing, which is the common goal of all cloud products.

this way in a private cloud such as SkyDrive in this part is more obvious, such as Ali, the Tencent is in fact to the cloud server cloud services to create internal data > loop