central broadcasting network Beijing on May 15th news (reporter Li Ying) according to voice of Chinese "peak Evening News" report, the national pornography office announced this afternoon: Shenzhen Nora dissemination of pornographic information technology companies have been investigated.

anti triads on Nora’s attention for a long time already, there are a lot of people, reflect the industry, they have two kinds of problems, a spread of pirated video, another kind of dissemination of pornographic information.

2013, the relevant law enforcement officers detained Nora server, by the relevant personnel identification, one of the servers in the opening half found more than 3 thousand pornographic videos, this case is very serious, and the traffic is very large, the relevant departments are tested in related on Nora’s application and column now, the investigation and evidence collection, therefore, after investigation and verification, there is information dissemination of pornographic Nora’s behavior plot is very serious. According to the relevant regulations of Internet information services, the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority has the company yesterday to Nora, served a notice of administrative penalty, the broadcasting company to revoke the value-added telecommunications business forensics legitimate administrative punishment, or revoke the value-added telecommunications services.

at the same time, Nora company has been involved in the dissemination of pornographic acts constitute a crime, the public security departments have been on file for investigation, and now has arrested a number of suspects.

the national anti anti office personnel, the case for further processing.

is on the dissemination of pornographic information today Nora’s investigation of the case, has carried out net net action in April nationwide, the national anti pornography office investigated a total of 20 typical cases. When the national anti pornography office case supervision department director Tang Qingqi accept China voice reporter interviewed said, the influence and focus of the site, if it is found that the dissemination of obscene acts will be punished.

Tang Qingqi: the next step, the national anti Gang Office of the national report information will be verified one by one, the implementation of key cases supervise the handling of the communication and dissemination of pornographic information laissez faire behavior found must be punished, do not perform content security management responsibilities by social work, breaking the law bottom line, wantonly as pornographic, illegal and harmful information communication, provide a platform and channel, seriously endangering the health of minors, extremely bad social impact, must be severely punished.

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