reporter: how to improve employee satisfaction?

Qiu Baijun: pay not only, but according to the CPI level of expansion, is sure to follow it to adjust the degree of satisfaction in many aspects, culture, welfare ah, it is more important to the development of employee occupation career, to make every employee to see the development of the company, employees can be developed, which is the most important.

reporter: I want to ask teacher Li, Goolge has launched its own IM Gtalk products, but there has been no high-profile publicity, Baidu now also launched IM products, then Google will promote Gtalk


Li Kaifu: should not. Do we think things should follow the prescribed order, and should focus on. (Li Kaifu is saying that Baidu doesn’t focus on it) we have hundreds of people in China, but we think there are a lot more urgent work to do……. Gtalk may not be the first thing we need to do.

reporter: for the total, a lot of people are talking about that, you are a very love Jinshan people, a lot of people think you are more willing to serve as CEO, do some hard work, but someone said, you may love to do more work behind the scenes, the real management work to young people do, which is more accurate


Qiu Baijun: I think the latter is more accurate. Because after all, I have not been involved in first-line management for many years. Second, I am more willing to let others do. From the beginning of 98 years, I think (Lei Jun) do well in this regard, I let him do management work, I think it is more successful, so the future will try this way. (Lei Jun) because of physical reasons not to do the work, I first pick up this burden.

reporter: what would you do if you took over the golden hill? (interesting question)

Li Kaifu: I am not very understanding of the overall direction of the Jinshan, so I am not easy to answer this question, because the answer is likely to be incorrect. But I think to accept any new position, first of all need to understand the company’s values, direction, and staff, etc..

reporter: if you want to take over Google China, the first will be how to do (interesting question)

Qiu Baijun: first of all, I want to learn.

reporter: what is the first thing to learn


Qiu Baijun: there are many ways to learn. First of all, the history of the entire Google company to understand the core values of the management team, these things need a comprehensive understanding.