Ancient Chinese Literature Search claiming to be descendants of Bai Juyi "hottie, molested Confucius called ‘one night standing 100 thousand’".

      some time ago, the network news from inside and outside the network like pan fried, a lot of love Confucius, love China people in traditional culture criticism: now young people are too arrogant, to the traditional culture to such blasphemy. Even spoof, there should be a bottom line.

      however, the prosecution from the "Ancient Chinese Literature Search spice" case can be seen, not a spoof of the Ancient Chinese Literature Search babes, but some of the media, in particular to the click rate regardless of occupation moral news website. They disregard the blog author’s original intention, one concept, on the next fight together, also made a sensational headlines. This is indeed the news really caught the eye, it is said that a short period of 10 million hits. But the network called the Ancient Chinese Literature Search spice "Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera students, but in very wronged to endure a barrage of criticism and scold.

      at the beginning of this year, the comeback of Wang Shuo scolded a large number of celebrities, after media reports, caused a lot of people dislike. Wang Shuo responded that he had nothing to do with these people, several times in the media pick things. I beg to differ for the people of Wang Shuo, but he said the media pick something but not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

      as a cultural news editor, we’ve seen a lot of things like this: when a German sinologist talks about Chinese contemporary literature, he says that individual works are rubbish. To some media reports, became the "German sinologist China said, contemporary literature is rubbish"; Yu Qiuyu is rather baffling media reports that some writers to quit the title ", and he later clarified several times……

      some people always think that the cultural entertainment news has been a pastime, the excitement of the past, even if it is not a fake. It is the wrong idea, causes the cultural entertainment news in the true, true or false. It’s hard to see the authenticity of events on the Internet, there is a "message" to verify its authenticity from other channels. The network media is a kind of promise, although could get high poison hits, but will lose precious credibility. The serious consequences, it is not entertainment. (commissioning editor admin01)