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Beijing News (reporter Yang Miao) from Baidu CEO at the Baidu alliance summit published mobile Internet seven theory, the industry sparked heated debate. The day before yesterday, Robin Li responded in an interview with the Beijing News reporter, said a stable business model, is to get a lot of attention to match the income.

in the mobile Internet seven theory, Robin Li focused on expressing the anxiety of the mobile Internet craze, and described as the same as drunk driving passion, but it may be a life". Robin Li poured cold water on the Internet sparked controversy. There are some people in the industry said Robin Li in the bad mouthing the mobile Internet industry, and cited Tencent CEO mobile games in terms of a successful move to refute the mobile Internet has no stable income argument.

Robin Li reply to the argument that he did not deny that the mobile Internet can generate revenue". In the wireless search, etc., can also generate advertising revenue, the use of mobile phones, such as the fragmentation of the phone and other wireless Internet applications can indeed generate revenue. "But also want to see whether it is currently advertising, electricity supplier or the game business, the three in the mobile Internet although by virtue of the fragments of time share and get a lot of attention, but did not get attention commensurate with these income."

Robin Li said that the so-called business model, is not to say that as long as the revenue is a stable business model, but to get the resources to match the income, which can be called a stable business model. From this standard, advertising, games, electricity providers on the PC three mainstream Internet revenue, in the mobile Internet can not see a stable business model".

is known as the queen of the Internet, KPCB analyst Marie · in the end of last month, also made a public speech, said the mobile Internet in the slow process of monetization in. Google and Facebook’s financial report also shows that the mobile Internet has constrained the growth of overall revenue.

Baidu will not launch a patent war

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in a Google company "In the plex" in the biography of Robin Li, the author will be listed as one of the three founders of modern search technology, and describe the patent search even earlier than let Google famous PageRank technology.

Robin Li told reporters recalled that the patent is called hyperlink analysis technology, was developed in the eastern United States work, and in February 1997 to apply for a patent. Robin Li after returning to the creation of Baidu, the technology has become the core of Baidu’s early technology, many search engines have also adopted a similar idea and algorithm.

is now in the field of science and technology "patent war"