March 1st, Xu Bo most worried about the matter still happened. Xu Bo is Germany won the Beijing Powerise network science and technology limited company executive vice president, is also one of the shareholders of the company. In 2014, he and his partner will be the company’s website for the restructuring of lottery outlets website, previously, the website is the sports information.

"I feel very depressed, and somehow. Network lottery said stop so stop, everything came too suddenly." In 2015, Xu Boceng intends to realize the ambition, aiming at a series of problems in network lottery website to improve, but the March 1st accident let him be taken by surprise.

"Although our website in the

network color team was a recruit, but on average a month can also have five or six million in sales, now full stop." Xu Bo do not know whether the sale of color is temporary, or permanent, a lot of news, a variety of claims, but there is no official statement."

is not only Xu Bo’s company, Taobao, WeChat lottery channel also stopped, according to incomplete statistics, since March 1st, there are nearly 50 websites to stop selling lottery tickets. 2014, the Internet lottery sales reached 85 billion yuan, the total Commission of lottery sites or over $9 billion. Cake mold overnight.


open mobile phone on Alipay APP, enter the previous lottery channel, all selling all stopped, Alipay official left a line of small print in the mobile phone on the page: "because of the lottery business cooperation to suspend sales, wallet lottery service synchronization pause." Alipay did not give time to recover.

in January 15th, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of civil affairs and the State Sports General Administration jointly issued "on the unauthorized use of the Internet sales of lottery behavior of self-examination and rectification work related issues notice", part of the provincial lottery management center from February 25th to suspend the acceptance of Internet lottery sales orders. The relevant departments of the city is further required to submit a formal report on self correction in March 1st before. From February 28th onwards, Taobao, WeChat, love color network, China lottery lottery network to nearly 50 to stop the network sale of color.

Economic Observer learned in the interview, the real thing to rectify Internet lottery, a lottery fund audit due to the national audit office conducted last year. In mid November 2014, the National Audit Office 18 tepaiban all deployed respectively to carry out the lottery fund audit work for the national total of 18 provinces, found that some "illegal lottery sales center through Internet sales of sports lottery".

Xu Bo appears in the sale, from the provincial lottery center to rectify, although the state has not announced the suspension of the lottery sales network, but because the cut off lottery center and website cooperation, makes the sale possible. When it comes to formal official documents issued, Xu Bo said no.

part of the site is through a lottery lottery lottery ticket in Shandong, Yantai and the completion of cooperation, they Shandong lottery sales, there is a WeChat group, Shandong