1 dark network was sentenced to life imprisonment serious violations, anyway, he is not satisfied with the

According to the Lei Feng

network previously reported, the Silk Road of illegal goods trading website "dark network based" (Silk Road) founder Ross · William · Ubu Leigh F (Ross William Ulbricht) was sentenced to life imprisonment. Due to the sentence, Ubu Leigh F local time on Thursday officially to the federal court of appeal (New York second) submitted an appeal against conviction.

"Silk Road" was founded in 2011, in the dark, buyers can register free of charge, but the seller must buy a new account to trade. The site uses a virtual currency bitcoin transactions, the exchange rate is pegged to the dollar. Consumers can use bitcoins to buy a lot of illegal goods on the Internet, such as drugs, weapons and passports.

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dark network was sentenced to life imprisonment is serious, anyway, he is not satisfied with the  

Silk Road website founder was sentenced to life imprisonment, he let the drug easier  


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2 Department of Putian ancestral Luong arena: 80s by a recipe where tens of thousands of  

on a recipe, Chandyan became a person who guides Putian. He’s gone.

is the highest in Dong Zhuang Zhen Ma Han Cun, Putian City, Fujian Province, there is a temple of Chen Jinggu.

At the local

, Chen Jinggu with "sea goddess Matsu famous, known as the" sea goddess ", is also considered all the local people surnamed fathers. This temple manager called Chen Deliang, he also has a special status of Putian folk medicine "originator".

3 WeChat subscription number and service number to be merged service number to be concentrated in the subscription list

PingWest play goods learned from different sources, the next WeChat subscription number and service number to be merged, service number will not continue to willfully occupy the user’s chat list, but as the subscription number is concentrated to a subscription list.

this is probably not a good news for businesses and organizations that operate the service number. After all, when the service numbers are moved to the subscription list, the ability to reach the user naturally weakened. WeChat had launched a public platform service, mainly intended for businesses and organizations to provide a better service and user management capabilities, but now WeChat think this experience is too messy, so to adjust.

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