December 7th news, representatives of Google East China today to NetEase technology revealed that agents have reached a $2 million 500 thousand compensation agreement with Google. However, before the signing of the agreement, the two sides also need to sign a memorandum, because some of the terms of the memorandum does not agree with the agency, leading to the current negotiations are still deadlocked. Agents to the media published some of the contents of the memorandum, hoping to get public opinion support.

it is understood that in the second round of negotiations under the auspices of the third parties, Google and agents reached a $2 million 500 thousand compensation agreement. This includes 1 million 500 thousand of the advertising agent to the dealer’s promotional coupons, which can be used to promote Google promotional coupons, as well as $1 million in cash.

early in the agency and Google Asia Pacific Sales Director ALiza negotiations in the early days, the other party has raised the figure of $1 million compensation. Aliza promised before, you can apply for down the budget, to be no more." Dealers said the amount of advertising before the operation of the business flow of funds mostly from advertisers paid $1 million in cash, so it most will be returned to the client.

money is not the most important thing is to maintain the advertisers, we want to do business in the future, many customers have become brothers." Another agent represents.

for this solution, Google stressed that $2 million 500 thousand can not be defined as "compensation". The $1 million 500 thousand for "coupon" is to help Google to establish contact with advertisers (establish outreach and direct relationships with the advertisers), and $1 million in cash is based on the "dealer agreement" should buy advertiser to agent settlement amount and part of the cost of are amounts owed by (they Google to the Companies under the Reseller Agreement for the settlement of payments owed by Google to Huyi and Goto and for acquisition of advertisers pursuant to the Reseller Agreemen).

Google also said that the East China agent can only represent less than 10% of its advertising agency in China, the impact of the replacement agent event less than 6000 advertisers. Prior to the agents of the media disclosure, from the revenue point of view, East China’s annual contribution to a number of agents Google advertising revenue accounted for more than 40% of the total revenue of its agents.

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