layoffs can also be infected with


in nearly two months, the domestic Internet Co collective layoffs dispute. In July this year, Wo Wo Group layoffs of more than and 100 people; in August 18th, Gaopeng began layoffs to the Shanghai branch of the editorial department, the day there are nearly 60 people had been abolished, the total number of layoffs at the end of August, more than 400 people; the electronic commerce customer upstart traced to layoffs of 5%, and in September 9th, it was reported that the small foreign trade e-commerce Dunhuang network platform company overall 30% layoffs.

despite all passengers do not respond to layoffs, Dunhuang vice president Yu Lihong told reporters also denied 30% this statement, but reporters after the multi-party confirmation, these companies are indeed layoffs. A few large business enterprise downsizing invariably at the moment, is worth considering.

"these are caused by enterprise anxious strategy," the well-known Internet critic Xie Wen said, "as soon as possible in order to expand market, many enterprises group purchase increased to one thousand or two thousand in the opening half in size, but the background of the management ability didn’t come with the expansion of enterprise. They don’t have the order reversed, to avoid the pain of growing up."

and Mcglaughlin in the electronic commerce general manager Pu esprit, these layoffs have a common point, that is the stage goal too high, resulting in the fast expansion of capital chain tension, and these companies are using the quick way to get a temporary relaxation of capital".

the current ongoing layoffs, will also be "net winter" argument further push up. However, the monitor group partner Chen Zhaofeng believes that layoff enterprises exist common problems in the profit model, namely "marketing cost and sales cost is relatively high, may have more than the return on investment is not sustainable," if things go on like this. In other words, the industry is on the face of the threat of financial problems, in essence, reflects the fragility of its own profit model and management confusion. And this time the intensive adjustment, hiring and cutting the time interval and the cause of confusion, then fully exposed the e-commerce industry blind expansion, barbaric growth ills.

layoffs relay

in the beginning, all passengers aged CEO also said that this year will be 1 billion yuan bash for market promotion, and the annual sales target of 10 billion yuan. But the layoffs spread, a "three old" asked mail wrote, "every department must be 5% places (layoffs), is beginning to recruit people crazy for what purpose?"

in Pu Esprit where customers are likely to view, "the fourth quarter of last year to do a higher sales plan, the capital market is also good, so there is a great leap forward mentality" in this year, to reflect the recruitment plan, where the staff must according to the expansion of sales growth plans to complete.

"in the second half of the economic environment in which the U.S. venture capital suddenly tightened, at the same time, investors think that e-commerce Chinese though menacing, but.