as a network marketing, now I’m confused, in the face of massive network information, how can we network promotion attracted the attention of customers? Free network promotion is effective, how long will be effective, some people say that may be half a year will have what effect; pay will be effective in the face of? Click on the increasingly high prices paid search engine keywords, flow without consulting what conversion or order conversion effect, many companies often issue such a feeling: just the same as


specific situation, we generally face the basic situation:

every day there are countless sites to build up, there are a number of unclear Taobao, there are shops like the emergence of ah, can be built on the site where the shop opened there, that is, no one to. This is not going to ah, we can not afford ah, anxious, spent a lot of money on other sites advertising, spent a lot of money to do PPC search engine, can still be of no avail. Then, in the face of this situation, who will wonder: what is the reason for all these people have to issue a strong question, the network promotion now useful, useful?

specific circumstances two, network promotion personnel generally face the dilemma:

game enterprises to promote a new game, then find a few beauty take some sexy photos sent to the Internet to do the game endorsement, or online gift cards or virtual goods everywhere games to attract users; mobile phone enterprises to promote products, often take video or text messages and computer manufacturers competition; network promotion is more simple, products a lot of evaluation, then how fast your computer called the speed of price is much cheaper online promotion and so on; creative ideas and methods in various industries this almost immobilized by different just content or forms of fine-tuning, resulting in fatigue of these repeat repeat users after the promotion way "".

effect, the effect of network promotion personnel as we usually face the dilemma that how to call, do not have what effect, is now playing some ads on the site, or send some soft, it is difficult to achieve the effect, or the effect is often like those on TV, on a pile of advertising, the star at the top of his voice shouted is unable to achieve the same effect on the network. How to do, how to do it, or the same question, the network promotion now useful, useful?

specific situation three, the basic situation of network advertising is generally faced:

on the network, all the traditional forms of advertising for users, basically does not work, it is no exaggeration to say that those old forms, cursing advertising, jumped out of the information out of it would only provoke resentment and netizens, if even the most basic Internet users click on the ads are not willing to. No matter how good the content is empty. I believe most users and peers feel the same way.

if there is nothing to do with paid direct online advertising, then we have to ask, "