SNS site does not rely on Baidu, do not rely on GOOGLE, off the source of a maximum flow —- search engine, so your SNS site, if you do traffic, your users are gold to build, extremely rare. I launched my SNS site, in the actual practice, feel especially difficult, in a word, the user does not find ah! The following methods, I tried, you may wish to refer to:

1, Internet cafe home page

this method, I tried it, it should be very feasible, because my site is to do the work of the south of such a SNS range, where the Internet cafes are basically working people. A few days ago in the home off the network, and then went to the cafe to stay, if you can get the default home page, the effect is very good.

I tried to convince the Internet cafe MM. Because their appearance is too bad, failed. Comparison of the handsome owners may wish to move out of this, for the regional or interest in the SNS site should be good results.

burn more to say.

2, email invitation

those using viral marketing bigwigs, now finally transformed into a credit crisis, netizens basically know, strange links not at random point, afraid of the virus. Therefore, a simple message or QQ group message messages, people are afraid to point. SNS must be done as follows:

A, indicating identity, he is a regular website. Describe the text a little better

B, it is best to attach a photo. Photos should be taken into consideration in order to neuter, beauty is appropriate, but not yellow. Remember.

3, the user to a specific place to promote.

different SNS site on the user’s requirements are different, we must be clear. I recommend you go to three places here,

is the first 58 city, where you can put your user analysis, and then choose to enter different areas, I suggest the following methods of operation, and to the email address, and then reply by email invitation, a website of your own web site for the introduction and. If the account, their 5 minutes to apply for a.

second is QQ group There are a lot of user information worth digging. Add different groups according to their different SNS groups. Remember to join group and group communication, pay attention to tone and written expression skills.

third is the NetEase forum. What kind of people are there?. As long as the method is clever, or can attract some users.

as for Baidu post bar I went to sweep a little, too messy, the overwhelming waste, not much value.

In addition, Tianya, etc.. We look at their own SNS site users in that one