NetEase Francisco January 20th news, Amazon announced today China " Chinese year big promotion " marketing strategy, will be ready for the Spring Festival from three aspects, the buyer, the sea Amoy special purchases for the Spring Festival marketing war. Niu Yinghua, vice president of Amazon China is expected, due to a substantial increase in the commodity category, sales during the Spring Festival will not be less than " black Friday ".

in the retail industry, China is an important sales opportunity can not be ignored, and in the past 2014 is the first year of cross-border electricity supplier. Amazon will continue in 2014 " in 2015; overseas purchase " strategy, continue to promote the international brand strategy, will be introduced into the kitchen, Australia straight red wine, men’s brand and other goods into new marketing.

Amazon China has revealed that in the past year to achieve the total number of overseas direct mining brand grew nearly three times. Since the new year, Amazon has also recently on the line more than 60 thousand men’s apparel and footwear products, and more than 200 international famous brand light luxury handbags.

during the Spring Festival holiday, Amazon China will provide consumers with distribution services. Among them, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other 19 cities in the Amazon self distribution services are operating normally. Amazon is currently in China since some has been expanded to 5000, including more than 3000 convenience stores and more than 2000 points from mentioning the EMS site.

in addition, Amazon will also Chinese and " what is worth buying " jointly launched the first interactive network sharing activities, through the establishment, sharing, competition and exchange their respective let every consumer special purchases for the Spring Festival list, can have the opportunity to become the online shopping Master. (Su Su)